The EIC Accelerator ’23 Data and Stats so Far

January and March 2023 data

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed the summer holiday and feel energised for the next round of F2F interviews and the October cut-off. In this newsletter, we will have a look at the EIC Accelerator data and stats of 2023 so far which include the two first cut-offs of the year: January and March. Just remember companies could submit a proposal for one of the challenge calls starting from March, therefore the data on the challenge calls refer to just one cut-off.


FA > F2F > W | Open vs Challenge | Actual vs Budget

Total number of Full Applications sent, of companies invited to the F2F interviews and selected companies.

Total awarded funding | Funding allocated for Open and Challenge calls.

Number of successful companies by call type.

Recap on allocated 2023 funding vs budget after two cut-offs.

Funding Type

Number and % of selected companies by funding type.

Ranking by Country | Amount raised by Country | Average amount raised by Country

Ranking of successful companies by Country.

Ranking of awarded funding by Country.

Average amount of funding by company by country. | Please note Latvia had only 1 successful case in ’23 so far.

2023 so far recap

Summary of successful companies by #, amount raised and funding type.

In the next newsletter

I hope you enjoyed going through this newsletter. In the next one, which will be a special edition, I will present the cumulative data and stats starting from the first 2021 cut-off. Besides, I’ll include two new brand-new infographics. Until then, take care and stay tuned!

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