The Champions League of EU funding January 2023 and Cumulative data

January 2023 explained and all the data since 2021

Dear Reader, welcome back to our EIC Accelerator data & stats newsletter. In this issue, you will find a comprehensive recap of the January 2023 results and the most up-to-date data on the EIC Accelerator winners.


January 2023








  • The Netherlands recorded probably its strongest performance securing €52mn = 26% of the available funding;
  • Ireland came second in terms of awarded funding with €22mn, having TFI Marine – its first winner ever deemed eligible for €17.5mn;
  • Bulgaria had two winners securing a total of €13mn;
  • Latvia got its first winner ever reaching €10mn in funding.

Some stats on FA > F2F > W





Cumulative Data: who is leading the race?






eic-accelerator-awarded-funding-by -country-cumulative


  • The leader is still France close to €500mn;
  • The Netherlands with its two strong successive performances may overcome Germany in the second place;
  • Spain is stable in the top 5 with solid performances in each cut-off;
  • Israel, Finland and Ireland are confirming their place in the top 10;
  • Italy made to the top 10 for the first time after securing its first €17.5mn winner – Energy Dome.

What to expect in the next 2023 cut-off

For the first time, starting from March cut-off and for the remaining cut-offs of the year, we will have budget allocated for each specific strategic challenge call. We will monitor to see how companies perform within this category and as always issue the next newsletter once March official results are publicly available. Until then, take care.

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