EIC Work Programme 2023

EIC Work Programme 2023


Dear Readers, I hope you are all well and enjoying the winter time. I am just back from a wonderful and well-organised EIC Summit in Brussels. I was particularly happy for the quality of the event and the very positive vibes all around. It was marvellous meeting up my colleagues from the EAIC, several talented entrepreneurs and the many representatives from the EIC. During the first session on 07/12, Commissioner Gabriel announced the official release of the EIC 2023 Work Programme. In this issue of our newsletter, we present the most relevant information on the three funding schemes for 2023.

EIC Pathfinder


EIC Transition


EIC Accelerator


An interesting change from ’21 and ’22 in the evaluation process is the introduction of a fourth expert in case a full-application, being a resubmission, receives just 1 NO-GO out of 9. In that case, if the fourth evaluator gives a GO to that criterion the company will be invited to the F2F interview.

There will be 4 cut-off dates in 2023: January, March, June and October. However, in January only companies going for the open call will be permitted to submit their proposal.

If you want to learn more about the EIC Accelerator 2021 results, just go on Lira’s webpage to have a comprehensive view on last year’s data.

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of our newsletter. More on October ’22 EIC Accelerator official data and a first glimpse of the cumulative data for Y22 later on in the month. Until then, take care and if you are cold have an Irish coffee!

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