The EIC Accelerator Short Application Process

The EIC Accelerator Short Application


The short application is the ‘triage’ of the EIC Accelerator programme. It is a process to screen out projects that do not fit the overall criteria. It does this through a combination of thorough and methodical assessments.

First, to assess the innovativeness of the proposal, an initial diagnostic module conducts a keyword-based analysis of the proposal text using artificial intelligence. The module searches the proposal content to check if the same combination of terms also occur in existing patents, published papers and European projects.

If this stage is passed, the remainder of the short application has three elements:




Online Form


A short online form containing a selection of questions, similar to “The Heilmeier Catechism” used by DARPA, that cover all of the core issues that allow the evaluators to assess the potential success of the company.

These include the product, competitive advantages, market, business plan, risks, required budget, and deliverables. These are a selection of the same questions that are asked in the full application. Indeed, the same text can be used for answers in both stages.


Slide Deck


A slide deck which provides the visual elements of the proposal content, and is effectively a synopsis of the written application.

This slide deck is never actually presented, so the usual style rules about not packing too much detail into the slides do not apply. Rather, ambitious applicants should use it as an addendum to the written text which provides illustrations, extra detail on key messages, and a proposal synopsis.

Because it acts as a synopsis of the proposal, Lira believes that many evaluators access it first, so as to get a general understanding of the proposal.




A short video which provides an opportunity to show the people behind the proposal, and the human story behind the company’s formation and motivation. It is all about the company team and the only opportunity for the evaluators to get an impression of the executives and their ambition and drive.

Ideally, the executives should present a short explanation of the company and its vision. This can be a ‘big picture’ description as there are only 3-minutes available. 

In summary, the short application is an effective process to weed out those proposals that are unlikely to succeed. For applicants, it is important to efficiently present a cohesive story within the three elements of the proposal.


To learn more on the 2022 EIC Accelerator programme – visit our EIC Accelerator page.

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