EIC Accelerator March 2022 Results

EIC Accelerator 2022 Results | March Cut-Off



I have been collecting and analysing EIC Accelerator data on a granular level since the launch of the official program in 2021. Last year, I have analysed every single successful applicant. That was 164 companies. In the meantime, I worked with our graphic designer Nicole to build a compelling visual narrative to let data talk. The content you see in my posts and articles is the result of countless hours of work, a specific choice to present and discuss data in a way everyone – from entrepreneurs to investors can understand straight away.




All the EIC Accelerator data and information are publicly available. I always consult the official database and companies list that are updated after the EC issue its press release on the successful companies. We have created internal processes and tools that automate almost in real time the visualisation of data. Again, it’s a matter of planning and execution.

March 2022 cut-off




  • In March, 1,093 full-applications were submitted.
  • 266 companies were invited to the Face to Face interview, representing a 24% conversion rate.
  • 74 companies were deemed eligible for funding.
  • Total allocated budget for this cut-off: €382mn.




  • Germany, France and Finland are in the top 3.
  • 18 countries represented.
  • Bulgaria got 2 companies vs just 1 in 2021showing how EICA newcomers are getting well deservedly stronger and stronger.
  • Once again, quite a disappointing performance from Italy with just 1 company funded.




  • €364mn were allocated in June ’21 cut-off. I am gonna use that cut-off to do a comparison with March ’22.
  • The % FA > F2F went from 16% to 24%. Probably a certain number of resubmissions/rebuttals made to the interview more smoothly than first attempts due to the current online portal not really easy to navigate.
  • Total number of FAs seems to be now stable at around slightly less than 1,100.


What’s next?


If you liked my article and find it useful, please share it and let me know what you think in the comments. I’ll start now analysing the 74 successful companies and update our internal database to extract more interesting insights and data that I’ll share over the course of this month. Until then, take care!