EIC Accelerator June ’23 results

EIC Accelerator June ’23 | Results in line with current trends

Dear Reader, welcome back to our newsletter on the EIC Accelerator June ’23 data & stats. In this issue, we will have a look at the high level results for the cut-off of June.


  • 648 FAs submitted vs the current average of 841 per cut-off;
  • 140 companies invited to the F2F vs 139 in March;
  • 47 Winners vs 51 in March;
  • FA>F2F was at 22% vs current 23% average;
  • F2F>W was at 34% perfectly in line with the 34% current average;
  • FA>W was at 7% vs 8% average.

The results are in line with the trend seen in March, when challenge calls proposals were allowed. In particular, companies reaching the F2F interview step have 34% chances to get funded.


France is dominating June cut-off



France had a very strong performance with 12 winners. Confirming the overall trends, Germany and the Netherlands are in the top 3. Belgium is definitely getting momentum with 4 winners, one of them N-Fix being a perfect example of a start-up in line with the challenge call on novel technology for resilient agriculture. Italy saw 3 winners after a slow start in the year, one of them Nanotech is the first ever winner from Marche region signalling how an increase in public/private funding in the last two years might bear its desired outcome. Quite surprisingly, both Ireland and Israel did not get any winner. For the first time sine June 2021, Hungary and Cyprus succeeded in entering the list of successful countries with 1 winner each.


2023 so far



The cut-off dates planned for this year are 4 vs 3 for last year and 2 in 2021. Besides, we should take into account the cooling-off rule that has inevitably had an impact on the number of proposals submitted. Still the trends around F2F>W and FA>W seem to be consistent over time.


France back on top



France has managed to overtake the Netherlands to get to first place in 2023. The top 3 is still made up of France, the Netherlands and Germany. The UK has been delivering a consistent performance, alongside Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Ireland, Finland and Israel seem to do well in some cut-offs while Italy tends to over perform in the last cut-offs of the year.


Cumulative results after 8 cut-offs


Overall trends



In the next newsletter

I hope you enjoyed this brief newsletter on June cut-off results and high-level data & stats on 2023 and cumulative. In the next newsletter, we will present a more comprehensive analysis on June cut-off with more details on amount raised, etc.

If you like honey, love the environment and bees, want to do something to preserve and nurture biodiversity – you may adopt a beehive from one of the June’s winners 3Bee . There are several cool initiatives in Europe to help biodiversity. Let’s promote and support them! Until next newsletter, take care of yourself and the environment.

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