The EIC Accelerator June 2022 – data

The EIC Accelerator June 2022 – data


Dear readers, I hope you are keeping well. It’s been a while since my last article. In the meantime, I published the very first data-driven 2021 EIC Accelerator report. You can request it on our website on this page EIC Accelerator Report.

Today we are going to explore the high level data on the EIC Accelerator since its official launch in 2021. In particular, we will focus on the number of full-application submissions, the companies invited to the face-to-face interviews and the number of winners per each cut-off up to the one in June 2022.

Just a reminder of the acronyms:

– FA: Full Application;

– F2F: Face to Face interview;

– W: Winners.


June 2022 cut-off results.


In June 2022, 986 companies sent their full-application. 232 were invited to the face to face interview, and 75 were able to secure funding.

EIC Accelerator data recap.


In the table above, I present a recap per each cut-off. Since June 2022, there have been 4 cut-offs. It’s worth noting a possible trend in the overall success rate that seems to be stable at around 8%.

2021 vs 2022 – up to June cut-off.


As expected, the number of full-applications has increased y/y while the FA>F2F conversion rate has seen a gain of 6 percentage points probably due a better quality in the writing. Please note, the data aforementioned are taking into account the same number of cut-offs [2] but a different total budget.

EIC Accelerator cumulative data > up to June 2022 cut-off.


Since its initial inception in 2021, and at the end of its pilot phase, the EIC Accelerator programme has seen almost 4,000 companies submitting a full-application. 841 or 21% of them were invited to the face to face interview. 313 or 8% of the full-applications received funding.

To sum up.

The EIC Accelerator continues to be the most coveted EU Funding scheme among the European and associated countries start-ups and scale-ups. I hope you enjoyed my article. If you have any suggestion, feedback, question please leave it in the comment section below. Until to the next article, take care!

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