EIC Accelerator January 2023 Cut-off Data

Welcome back!


Dear data lovers, spring is slowly approaching at least here in Ireland and Inter Milan made to the Champions League quarter final. If you have missed this newsletter, now please allow your humble writer to ask 15′ of your time. In this issue, we will explore all the most relevant data and stats of January ’23 cut-off.


In January, the number of FAs was almost half the current average. There was an increase in the number of companies invited to the F2F interview, still the FA>W success rate was 7% vs. the current 8% cumulative average.


What a performance from the Netherlands


The NL had yet again a strong performance with 7 winners, while smaller but highly innovative countries like IE, SE, DK did pretty well with 3 each. For the first time Latvia got a winner, while Bulgaria had a remarkable performance with 2. ES is consistent with its trend, while FR and DE did not perform as in the previous cut-off dates. Italy did not get any.


The trends


It seems the number of FAs is going down, more companies are invited to the F2F interview and the overall FA>W success rate is stabilising around 8%.



What to expect in the next newsletters

I will keep on collecting data once available and highlight certain emerging trends to verify if the number of FAs is going down alongside the FA>W success rate. Besides, I’ll present how countries are performing. Until then, take care and enjoy spring time.

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