The EIC Accelerator Full-Applications Data & Stats

Full-Applications submissions up to January 2023

Dear Readers, you are probably preparing for the F2F interview or completing the full-application for March ’23 cut-off this week. In this brief article, we will present all the data and stats around the full-applications submitted since the first cut-off of June 2021.

  • The total number of full-applications sent so far is 5,529;
  • The average is 922 per cut-off;
  • The # of proposals submitted in October ’21 and ’22 is similar confirming that having 3 months or more in between cut-off leads to a greater number of proposal submitted compared to the average;
  • In fact, in January ’23 the number of full-application was way below the average probably due to the limited number of weeks in between cut-offs and the winter holiday season;
  • At the same time, we may not rule out that other factors are at play driving the numbers down. Among them: the kicking off of the cooling-off period, more focus on the importance of quality and planning when working on a full-application and a better awareness / understanding of the type of companies that should apply;
  • March ’23 data will provide a good indication if the overall trend is the average of submitted proposals going down or stable at around 900+ per cut-off.


I hope you enjoyed this brief article. Stay tuned for more insights/tips/hints/update on the EIC Accelerator. Until next time, take care!

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