EIC Accelerator FAs data & stats after three years

The EIC Accelerator in its fully fledged form was launched within Horizon Europe in June 2021. Since then, companies have submitted their full applications in 9 cut-off dates. The breakdown for each year is as follows:

  • In 2021, 2 FA’s cut-off dates: June and October;
  • In 2022, 3 FA’s cut-off dates: March, June and October;
  • In 2023, 4 FA’s cut-off dates: January, March, June and October.
  • In 2021: 1,882 FAs;
  • In 2022: 3,171 FAs;
  • In 2023: 2,758FAs.There has been a 13% decreases Y/Y in 2023. This is probably due to the cooling-off rule and more awareness by the applicants on the requirements of the EICA.

Let’s make some predictions for the last cut-off of 2023

If the FA>F2F range is 20% – 22% we can expect a range of 216 and 238 companies invited for the F2F interview. Based on previous cut-offs, I’d go for the lower end as usually that’s the case when reaching the end of the year.

If the F2F>W range is 30% – 34%, based on my previous assumption to go for the lower end of the FA>F2F range, I’d say we can expect between 65 and 74 winners.

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