EIC Accelerator Cumulative Data 2021 & 2022

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Dear Data Lovers, spring time is slowly making its presence felt, the birds are happily tweeting on a clear sky and the EIC Accelerator Face to Face interviews for January ’23 cut-off are almost over. This will be once again a busy year for founders and consultants working on their fund raising efforts, including preparing top-notch proposals for the EIC Accelerator. In this issue of our monthly newsletter, I will present all the cumulative data & stats for the EIC Accelerator [the years ’21 and ’22]. Our website has a new section completely dedicated to the EIC Accelerator data & stats. If you like, keep this newsletter in your email inbox folder [EIC Data] as you may want to review the data & stats in the future. Ready to jump in on our infographics? Let’s go!


The Big Picture | FAs > F2F > W


Open vs Challenge | #Companies Breakdown


Open vs Challenge | Funding Breakdown


Open vs Challenge | Budget Breakdown


Funding Type Breakdown | #Companies

GO: blue | GF: green | BF: yellow: | EO: orange.


Country Ranking | #Companies


Funding Type | Country Breakdown


Awarded Funding | Country Breakdown


Average Awarded Funding | Country Breakdown


Awarded Funding Recap | All Successful Countries 


Female-led Companies | Big Picture


Female-led Companies | Country Breakdown


Female-led Companies | Open vs Challenge


From Dublin with love

I hope you enjoyed our first newsletter of March ’23. I will probably publish another one this month once the January ’23 cut-off results are announced. If my dear readers will allow their humble writer to share a word of advice: if you get frustrated after reading a phantasmagoric FA’s ESR, if you do not get why your company was not awarded funding after a splendid performance in front of the jury panel, even if your competitors got funded for mysterious reasons – do not get upset and keep going. Real entrepreneurs/achievers never give in as they are resilient, determined and able to overcome any challenges inevitably present in their entrepreneurial journey. Until the next newsletter, make love not war!

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