EIC Accelerator 2022 High-level Data

Happy New Year!

Dear All, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are ready for a successful 2023. In this first newsletter of the year, I’ll present 2022 high-level data and stats starting from October deadline which was the last cut-off date of 2022.

October 2022 vs Previous cut-off dates



  •  In 2021 the EIC Accelerator had only two cut-off dates, however it seems a certain trend of around 1,000 FA submissions and more than 200 companies invited to the F2F per cut-off seems now established;
  • Another clear trend is an increase in the % of companies invited to the F2F interview since the first cut-off of June 2021;
  • While the F2F>W conversation rate was high at the start of the programme, it was expected to decrease over time and quite interestingly now seems to be stable at around 30%.


2022 vs 2021




  • Even if 2021 had only two cut-off dates the budget was more or less the same – slightly above €1bn, hence we can compare the two years;
  • The most significant data is the increase in the # of companies invited to the F2F interview and the drop from 9% to 7% in the overall FA>W success rate.


Cumulative Data



  • The EIC Accelerator is the most popular and coveted EU funding scheme, it comes as no surprise that more than 5,000 FAs were sent since its inception after the pilot;
  • 391 companies were deemed eligible for funding representing 8% of all the FAs submitted.


October 2022 Winners by Country




  • October 2022 confirmed the yearly trend where DE, FR and the NL are leading the race. ES is consistently doing well when it comes to the last cut-off of the year. IT had for the first time ever 5 successful companies in a single cut-off, while IL and IE only one which is rare to see.


2022 Winners by Country




  • In 2022, 227 companies were selected for funding coming from 24 countries. Greece, Slovenia and Luxembourg entered the list for the first time;
  • DE is the overall winner, while FR, the NL and ES confirm their consistent positive trend in this funding scheme. The UK did way better than in 2021, while IL was reached by Italy in the overall number of selected companies.


Cumulative # of Winners by Country




  • 391 companies have been selected for funding since the start of the EIC Accelerator;
  • FR is the overall leader, followed by DE and the NL. The winners represent 27 countries. Italy had its first successful company Energy Dome being eligible for €17.5mn;


2022 EIC Accelerator Data-driven Report


I hope you find the first issue of the newsletter for 2023 insightful and useful, this will be a monthly newsletter. I’ll publish the official EIC Accelerator 2022 data-driven report by the end of January, once ready please get in touch to request it. Until then, take care and all the best for January cut-off.

p.s. if you are Italian and interested in learning more about our industry, you can find my interview on Radio24 on this link I lavori di domani.

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