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At Lira, it is all about quality, customer experience and results. When you choose to collaborate with us, you embark on a journey that grants you access to our dedicated team of partners, who will work closely with you for a minimum period of 3 months. This extended engagement allows us to develop a deep understanding of your unique needs and ensures that we can maximise your chances of success.

Our approach is centered around prioritizing quality over quantity. We firmly believe that achieving impactful results requires a combination of meticulous planning, comprehensive analysis, and multiple iterations. By focusing on these aspects, we can guarantee that our approach is tailored to your specific objectives and will drive successful outcomes.

We place a genuine emphasis on the importance of your project, which is why we refrain from outsourcing it to freelancers. Instead, our dedicated team of experts will be fully invested in your project, providing you with the highest level of service and expertise/know-how/experience.

Our areas of expertise include:

Digital Health
Life Science

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Emmanuele Angione

Managing Partner


Giorgio Recine

Managing Partner


Dr Marcello de Falco

Managing Partner


Paul Pietrangelo

Managing Partner

Alison Destoc



Bevan Carr


Dr Federica Carboni



Dr Jim Ryan


Dr Laetitia Gazagnes



Dr Lorenzo Stramucci


Marco Abate


Dr Mario Kostan



Maura Bernardini


Dr Peter Ostoich



Tzali Cnaani


Bogomil Mihaylov

Associate Partner


Nicole Di Nardo

Associate Partner


Simone Bottan CEO at Hylomorph

We worked with Lira on our successful Swiss Accelerator application. Lira's team supported our work with outstanding attention to details, work ethics and passion for our experience. We would recommend Lira to any company interested in succeeding in highly competitive, innovation-based calls for proposal.

Boris Dimitrov CEO at Checkpoint Cardio

We worked with Lira on the EIC Accelerator as we knew they were among the best. They have unmatched knowledge and expertise of the funding scheme and went the extra mile for us. It paid off as we were one of the 32 companies awarded the coveted funding in the January 2023 cut-off, one of the most competitive cut-offs since the launch of the programme. We would definitely recommend Lira to anyone interested in the EIC funding schemes.

Nitai Hanani CEO and Co-founder at Paragate Medical

Lira helped us secure the EIC Accelerator. They are clearly well informed on the funding programme and it showed when we went through the training sessions before the face-to-face interview. Besides, they are straightforward, they have an unparalleled work ethic, and are a pleasure to work with.

Marc Dassler CEO and Co-founder at Energy Robotics

Lira brought in their vast knowledge of many successful applications in the past, put the right amount of urgency to bring the team up to speed and did an amazing job in tuning the application, so that we won the EIC application as one of the 7% winners of all applications.

Kellie Adamson Chief Scientific Officer and Founder at SepTec

We are glad to have chosen Lira to assist with the EIC Accelerator application. Lira worked very closely with us and committed a lot of time to each step of the process. SepTec getting funded in the most competitive call ever, the EIC Accelerator, is testament to the collaboration.

Paolo Cavallini Head of Finance at Energy Dome

We were well pleased to have Lira onboard when applying for the EIC Accelerator programme. Lira provided exceptional guidance and support regarding our technology description, financial model, business model analysis and competitive scenario study. Their commitment and professionalism is unparalleled, their support and dedication helped us overcome many challenges during the application process, and, as a result, Energy Dome secured funding.

Conor McGinn CEO at Akara Robotics

Working with Lira is a real pleasure. They were key to our EIC Accelerator success. Their unique result-driven approach is a key success factor in putting together compelling cases for EU funding. Their comprehensive skill set and team provide a best-in-class service rarely seen in this industry. Add their uncompromising attention to details and customer centric attitude, and you will find the perfect match to work on coveted funding schemes.

Timur Sirman CEO at Magnotherm

We found the collaboration with Lira very fruitful and productive. Well equipped with business and technological expertise, they helped us to win the EIC Accelerator and expand our perspective on our own business. It was easy to work with them and we appreciated their hands-on support and extensive feedback.

Stefano Francavilla
Stefano Francavilla CEO and Co-founder at Geowox

The best company you want to partner with to raise EU funding. Their support got us funding through the EIC Accelerator programme. We really appreciated their expertise, dedication and attention to detail. We will definitely continue to work with them.

Niccolò Calandri
Niccolò Calandri CEO and Founder at 3Bee

Lira was instrumental in helping us to win the EIC Accelerator. Their knowledgeable approach to EU funding schemes, attention to detail and entrepreneurial mindset are second to no-one.

Anjan Kumar COO at LeafTech

The broad expertise and intuitive approach of Lira's team enabled them to prepare an excellent funding proposal with minimal raw content, taking a massive load off my shoulders. We had an extremely positive collaboration with them as they directly guided us through each step of the application process, identifying risks and opportunities in developing our business strategy and narrative.

Lewize Mc Cauley Crothers CEO and Founder at ExitEntry

We were very satisfied with Lira's support in applying for the EIC Accelerator. Their services went beyond just "writing a proposal". They operate as an investment committee to assess the company, its technology, IPR, team, business strategy and funding requirements. They were vital in identifying gaps and providing a full analysis of the market, helping us better present our company roadmap. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable and trustworthy team to work with - Lira is the one.

John O'Connell CEO at AudioSourceRE

The Lira team went above and beyond expectations in their support across all areas of the EIC Accelerator application process - from helping us address the many aspects covered in the application form, to improving our visual narrative in the deck, to rigorously preparing us to pitch.

Anne Lawlor CEO at Journey Protector

Lira's expertise, dedication, commitment and know-how are unparalleled. We were very happy with the team and the way they managed our proposal. They combined a natural curiosity and attention to details to deep dive into our technology and business strategy, while always reserving a unique personal touch when working together. Definitely a company to work with.

Miraç Bal CEO and Founder at TalentMondo

They took a lot of the workload from us and added valuable inputs to the project. Most importantly they were quick and successful in fundraising for us. This enabled us to keep our product development on track.

Shona D'Arcy CEO at Kids Speech Labs

Kids Speech Labs engaged with Lira to help us prepare our application for the EIC Accelerator. Having prepared a submission in previous rounds myself I knew that I would benefit from expert guidance and support to get the edge needed for success in this complex program. The team at Lira have been with us from day one and have been fantastic at all levels of support. Their insight into the nuances of the Accelerator program and the application process saved us many of the pitfalls experienced in previous iterations. With excellent project management we were not panicking at the last minute to ensure a successful submission. I would highly recommend Lira as a funding advisory partner to any ambitious SME.

Brendan Rice CEO at Senoptica Technologies

We worked with Lira to build our EIC Accelerator application. Their help went across the board from developing an underlying strategy to actively preparing our business plan, financial model, infographics, pitch deck and presentation skills. We reached the face-to-face interview on our first attempt which was only possible because of Lira’s expertise and help.

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